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Seguridad Fremoes

Seguridad Fremoes, founded in 1993, specializes in security locks and anti-theft systems for the transport sector. The company currently holds a highly-consolidated position in both the domestic and the international markets.

What makes us different?

We have the main driver behind every successful company, which is specialized personnel and, above all, the quality of the raw materials we use.

How do we achieve our level of quality?

Both the components and the raw materials used in the manufacturing of our products are sourced from within the European Union (EU). This, together with the highly-demanding manufacturing and quality control processes, guarantees the highest quality of our products.

In which markets are we present?

We are the leading manufacturer of security systems for the transport sector in Spain, and we have a strong presence in the European Union, especially in Germany, France and the UK.

Can our products be customized?

Yes. For example, we can manufacture our products with your logo, and we are able to combine the key codes of all the different products listed on this website. Contact us for more information.

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