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The unquestionable importance that transports generally have for the development of a society makes them a complex and complicated sector.

We try, with our daily task, that the trust your customers place in you for protecting their goods, can be achieved getting more quality in your job.

Seguridad Fremoes was founded in 1993 and is now consolidate on national and international market. Thanks to you it has achieved a specialization in the market of anti-theft systems for transport or sea transport. It counts with the main engine that moves any company, as it is a trained staff and above all quality in the raw materials used. Since our goal is to offer the biggest guarantees, being our objective the maximum quality, we hope to deserve the trust you could place is us.

On this website, we will show you the range of products we have and their technical data.

The quality policy of Seguridad Fremoes suggests the following guidelines and goals:

  • Directing every area and activity of the company towards to complete satisfaction of the customer.
  • Involving all the companies employees in the continuous improvement of the processes and activities of it, achieving the maximum possible quality.
  • Never roll up problems, but find solutions. We think, that it does not exist a problem, if we can find the solution.

For each product of this catalog, which are produced by Seguridad Fremoes, exist the possibility of equal codes.

The products and raw materials of our production are from the EU.

Any rusting iron.

Non-rusting Steel
Non-rusting Steel, which provide 60% more resistance.

Guaranteed QualityGuaranteed Quality
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